LCC Bacolod ETEEAP lecturers win travel blog contests


The year 2016 is the year for travels for La Consolacion College Bacolod (LCCB) Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) lecturers and travel bloggers Jojo Vito and Claire Algarme, who are also members of the Negrense Blogging Society, Inc. (NBSI).

Jojo Vito of was the lone Filipino among 30 blogger-winners of the Kerala Blog Express 3. He joined bloggers from various countries for a 15-day trip around the Kerala region of India. It took place last February 15 to 29, 2016. Vito teaches human resource management in the ETEEAP.

Claire Algarme of is one of the six winners of Globe’s #Wonderful Blog Competition which sends her to an all-expense trip to Auckland, New Zealand this year. Algarme teaches Advanced Marketing.

Dr. Ma. Mercedes A. Joson, VP for External Affairs and concurrently the SGCE Dean said she’s very proud that the program is sustained by faculty members who have wide industry and cultural exposure given the diversity of students in the program.



Newly refurbished classrooms await Senior High students

Classrooms overlooking the buzzing city atmosphere of Bacolod’s downtown, at the top floor of the college building designed by the late Ar Perfecto Marzoña, are to be occupied by the pioneer Senior High School class of La Consolacion College Bacolod.  

The classrooms are now being refurbished to enhance the teaching-learning environment. “Just as we are expecting a group of vibrant SHS students starting this year, we are also recreating a livelier learning environment for them… classrooms fit for the GenZers of the 21st century” says Dr. Randdie Cuelo, VP for Academic Affairs.

These old seats will be replaced by new customized design before the opening of classes on June 13, 2016.
The college is expecting about 800-900 Grade 11 students with already about 600 students officially enrolled out of a thousand who applied for admission.  LCC has prepared for about 20 sections.

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Sr. Maria Garcia, OSA, administrative officer, said that the school has requested the production of customized desks made of plastic and aluminum, durable but light materials, easy to move and rearrange for the dynamic learning activities.

The Senior High School will have the advantage of sharing facilities with college students like laboratories and computers as there will be enough room left vacant because of a very small number of entering college freshmen brought about by the transition to the K to 12 educational system.

LCCian ranks ninth in the Licensure Exam for Teachers

Bacolod City — Ma. Sahara dela Cruz Fregil, a Bachelor in Elementary Education graduate, is among the ninth placers in the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET) held last March 20, 2016. The Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) posted the results on May 19, 2016.

With a rating of 87.60, Fregil is the only placer from the region in the most recent LET.

The Board for Professional Teachers announced that 12,128 elementary teachers out of 42,739 examinees (28.38%) and 18,810 secondary teachers out of 53,090 examinees (35.43%) successfully passed the LET.

An active student leader during her college days, Fregil received numerous awards including the Academic Excellence Award, which she received during the 69th Baccalaureate Commencement Exercises held on March 28, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center.

Fregil was also the 2014 Model Student recognized by the School of Sciences, Liberal Arts and Teacher Education. In 2015, she was awarded the Best in Oral Research Presentation during the Research Week at LCC Bacolod.

She was a volunteer electives teacher in educational programs and projects that provide greater access to education for children from economically poor backgrounds like LCC’s Mother Rita Barceló Night High School and the Klasmeyts for Kids, while being a staff writer for The Ripples, LCC’s official student publication.

After taking the professional oath, Fregil plans to continue volunteering.  She said she’s very thankful to her teachers and friends at LCC Bacolod whom she shared the notes and materials she used for the review. “I had little time to prepare that is why I never expected this blessing. But with the help of my school, LCC Bacolod, and the unending support from my teachers and friends, I was able to review well despite the limited time” she added.

Half page advertisement for Mara Fregil 9th Placer LET

National seminar on gender-based literature held

La Consolacion College Bacolod was selected center for Filipino language and literature

The Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF) held a seminar on the teaching of gender-based literature at La Consolacion College Bacolod on May 18-20, 2016.  It is the second of the two national seminars conducted on the same topic, the first one was held at Jose Rizal Memorial State University, Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte last April 13-15.

The commission stated that the purpose of the seminar is to increase awareness of gender in teaching literature through lectures and discussions on various topics. There were also demonstrations of folk tales, poetry, and short stories.


Participants were teachers and academic administrators of various educational institutions in the country. Seminar topics included Gender in the Basic Education Curriculum, which was delivered by Galcoso Alburo, of the DepEd Division of Marikina; the gender-based Approach in Teaching Literature by Ms. Wennielyn Fajilan, professor from University of Sto. Tomas; The Women Stereotype in National Literature by Mr. Salvador Biglaen of Miriam College; Contemporary Feminist Literature by Mr. John Iremil Teodoro of Miriam College; and Gender and Literature by Ms. Moreal Camba of University of Asia and the Pacific.

KWF Commissioner Purificion G. Delima was among the speakers.

Kapisanan nang mga Manunudlo sa Filipino (KAMFIL) president Mrs. Edna Fregil said that La Consolacion College Bacolod has been selected to be the Center for Filipino Language and Culture.  As such LCC Bacolod was awarded the seal of the “Dignity of Language and Culture,” from the Commission on the Filipino Language as a symbol of its organizational capability to lead in the promotion of the cultural attributes of the place where it is located.

37 to graduate under education equivalency program of LCCB

This article was published in the Visayan Daily Star on  May 18, 2016

Thirty-seven adults, with ages ranging from the early 30s to 55 years old, are getting their college diplomas today after finishing the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency Program in La Consolacion College-Bacolod.

Ma. Mercedes Joson, LCC’s ETEEAP director, said this batch is among the biggest to be conferred with degrees since the school was granted by the Commission on Higher Education the permit to be an ETEEAP provider in 2004.

“For almost 10 years, we only had about six graduates,” Joson said because of the fees involved until a couple of years ago when LCC adopted a new delivery system and payment scheme that were necessary for the program to survive and allow more adults the possibility of completing their higher education.

ETEEAP grad pic.jpg
ETEEAP Graduation ceremony.

The new scheme was very encouraging and in 2014, when it opened, six students signed up with four more the following year, all of whom completed their requirements and along with the 2015 batch, 20 students joined the last graduation rites of LCC-Bacolod in March.

The new batch joining the Special ETEEAP Graduation today brings to 44 the number of adults who were conferred degrees since the implementation of the new scheme.

Joson said that more and more adults are inquiring about their program and “we are glad that we are in the right track in helping this segment of our working force who need their college degree to be regularized, to be promoted, and to have the capacity to dream bigger.”

Among the graduating class is journalist and PR practitioner, Maria Ester Espina, daughter of Visayan Daily Star columnist, Rolly Espina, and Roy Cordova, former Ceneco union president.

Another graduate, Joel Lagunilla, administrative officer III of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, said “ETEEAP is really one of the biggest blessings” as he vowed to encourage others who dream of a college diploma to enroll in the program.

Other government employees who will get their degrees today are Sharon Sombrador and Emily Ausin also from DENR, and Marnellee Pelaez, Ma. Fe Flores, Nancy Getilda from the Department of Agrarian Reform.


Cordova said the ETEEAP has allowed him to “conquer all odds in my long journey towards a self-fulfillment struggle.”

Espina said the college diploma is “a realization of a dream put on-hold, a completion of a vow, an affirmation that visions can be achieved…in the right time.” As a single mom, “I had to put my son’s education ahead of mine but now that both are done with their college education, it was time to pursue mine.”

The special graduation will be at the LCC Millennium Hall, HTM Center with Dennis Rebueno, deputy regional director of CHED-NIR, as commencement speaker.

College admissions open May 16

LCC Bacolod ready to accept freshmen & transfer students

May 16, 2016 — Those who finished secondary education prior to the implementation of the Senior High School program, in 2015 and earlier, but did not proceed to college are welcome to enroll in any of the baccalaureate degree programs of La Consolacion College Bacolod should they decide to move on to college.  They need not to go through two years of Senior High School, says Dr. Walter Peter Arcenas, registrar.

College Admissions 2016 Banner 2

The registrar said that they have been receiving inquiries as many people are still confused while the Kto12 transition is going on.  Those that have graduated in 2016 will no longer be allowed to proceed to college, but instead will have to take tracks & specializations in the Senior High. However still, there were students who did not continue through college after they have graduated from high school in 2015, these are the students that may be admitted, Arcenas added.

The college is also open to transfer- returning students and those who wanted to shift to a different discipline.

One of the challenges however is if the total number of freshmen and transfer students combined does not reach the minimum population to run a regular class which is 25.  LCC Bacolod is exhausting all measures possible including finding possible financial sources to subsidize a small number of college freshmen during the Kto12 transition.  In the meantime, students are admitted on a conditional status with a notice that it may be necessary for students to enroll on a ‘special class’ arrangement should the required number for a regular class is not met.

Applicants need to take an admission examination administered by the College Guidance Services Center daily from Monday through Friday.  Other admission requirements include: the report card, NSO Birth Certificate, Certificate of Good Moral Character, and five pieces 1’x1’ ID picture.  Transfer students are required of the Certificate of Transfer Credentials while returning students and those who will be shifting need to have their academic record evaluated by the Registrar.

Excitement builds as opening of classes for Senior High School nears

Admission applications overwhelm

May 10, 2016 — Five weeks away from the opening of classes in the Senior High School level at La Consolacion College Bacolod, the pioneer batch of senior high students could hardly contain their excitement. Queries flood LCC Bacolod’s official Facebook page from incoming Grade 11 students mostly originating from other secondary schools while admissions continue to overwhelm with already more than 600 approved applications even before the month of May based on the data from the Office of the Registrar.

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“The numbers are quite overwhelming considering the fact that there are more schools offering Senior High School now, than there were Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) then”, says Rodjhun Navarro, head of the Office for Institutional Advancement and Linkages. He added that this trend is bigger compared to the number of applications for college during the same period last year.

Students who just completed grade 10 from the Integrated School will be joined by the others students coming from other schools in Grade 11. Applicants originate even from far places like San Carlos City and Hinobaan.

“Students are excited about the program. Contrary to the expectation that students would be disappointed because of the additional years in secondary school, they are actually eager to know what the new program will offer just as they are excited about the new academic environment”, Navarro added.

LCC Bacolod’s Senior High School curriculum is aligned with its existing baccalaureate offerings. The officially approved applications are mostly in the Academic, Arts and Design and Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) tracks. In the Academic Track, most students are enrolled in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and in the Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM).

In the TVL, students are into the Home Economics strand which will lead them to Hospitality or Tourism in the baccalaureate.LCC Bacolod is also building from the strong point of its programs in architecture, fine arts and interior design in its Arts and Design offering which is not a common track in other Senior High schools. Students who are enrolled in the program will gain basic skills in the use of traditional and computer-aided design and theoretical foundations on the arts, which will be an advantage to those who will pursue design related careers.

Navarro added, one of the advantages of studying in established Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) like LCC Bacolod is its experience in running specialized courses which will be a feature of the Senior High School curriculum. At LCCB, college teachers will be teaching in the Senior High level.

Groupings of students will be based on specializations and classes will be heterogeneous in composition. The labeling of sections carry LCCB’s Catholic tradition, which uses names of saints associated with certain vocations or professions to easily distinguish classifications.

Among the things that fuel the excitement of students is the new design of the uniform. LCC Bacolod’s school uniform for the Senior High School is designed to be usable in the industry immersion phase of the program. “It is professional looking” says Mr. Manuel Delumpa, Jr., the Senior High School Coordinator. “We want our students to be trained on how to don the business attire” to help them prepare for jobs even right after Grade 12. The uniforms, designed by alumnus and one of Bacolod’s renowned designers John John Ditching take their design queue from LCCB’s traditional wear, which use the same color scheme of white and navy blue. Scarves are for girls while boys will be using ties on their short-sleeved white polo-barong.


“Students are excited about their uniforms which is natural for teenagers. They are at the stage where they are really conscious about their looks.” says Rodjhun Navarro, head of the Office for Institutional Advancement and Linkages.


Dr. Randdie Cuelo, VP for Academic Affairs said that he is pleased with the positive turnout of the SHS admissions. He added that the college is now focused on making sure that the educational facilities are ready by the time classes open on June 13. The Senior High department will be occupying the fourth floor of the college building and some third floor classrooms at the Gatuslao Wing of the L-Shaped Building.

On June 2, 2016, there will be orientation for all new students while June 3 is slated for orientation of parents and guardians. Cuelo said that the orientation activity will introduce new students to the academic policies at LCC Bacolod and will give clarification on the many aspects of the Senior High School program.


SSG officers receive leadership skills training

Student leaders ready for school opening

A leadership training was conducted for the college student leaders on May 6-7, 2016 at the Nature’s Village Resort in Talisay City. It was attended by the newly elected officers in the executive and legislative levels as well as the departmental executive officers that comprise the Supreme Student Government (SSG). The focus was on decision making, servant-leadership and organizational development. The Office of the Director for Student Affairs organized the training event.

Claire Algarme, one of the resource persons, engages the participant on ‘Decision making’

Director Nenette Padilla said that most of the newly elected officers are new to the SSG. “The training was very essential to prepare them to the tasks ahead. They are young and very dynamic. Their enthusiasm brings a breath of fresh air. I am excited of what they can bring on the table.” she said.

The participants were able to clarify their roles and responsibilities. Committees were created with each of the members of the legislative body appointed as focal persons for the events and activities they have identified for the first semester. Ginalyne Vizon, SSG President and just on her second year in the SSG, said that there will be volunteers from various programs to help the officers. She added that they would like to introduce new events in the program both in the departmental level and college-wide. Initially, the officers agreed to help in the facilitation of admissions. She added that this will make SSG officers more visible to the student body.

Rodjhun Navarro trains student leaders on facilitation while planning activities for AY 2016-2017

An Information Desk will be put up by the SSG at the entrance of the college building to assist students especially those who are entering college and the transfer students to make them feel welcomed. SSG Officers and volunteer students will man the desk throughout the admission period.

Vizon also announced her plan to propose an SSG Information Bulletin at the college entrance which will contain all the activities for the whole semester. She said that one of the priorities of the SSG is to get the maximum participation of students into the student activities and co-curricular programs of the college.

One of the major outputs of the training was the plan of activities for the whole first semester which will be presented to the academic council for approval. Vizon said that having planned the student activities and events in the departmental level and college-wide ahead of the opening of classes in June is a big step of improvement. She recalled that last academic year, there were many good activities and programs but the schedules were often conflicting so the audience and participants were divided. The SSG officers are determined to improve on that area so their aim is to plot the schedules on the institutional calendar so that it’s easy to spot conflicting schedules.

At the end of the training, the students were more confident and excited of the coming academic year. The overnight program also gave the student leaders the opportunity to bond and establish camaraderie. Many of them have only been newly introduced to each other.

Miss Claire Algarme, Dr. Randdie Noi Cuelo and Mr. Rodjhun Navarro were the resource persons and facilitators. All of them are LCC’s alumni and student leaders during their years at the college.

VPAA Randdie Cuelo talks about servant-leadership

Sr. Maria Garcia, OSA, the Academic Administrative Officer stayed throughout the course of the training. At the end of the program, she congratulated the students and assured them of the administration’s support for the students.

L-R: Sr. Maria A. Garcia, OSA Academic Administrative Officer, Dr. Nenette D. Padilla Director for Student Affairs, Christine Gargar SSG Vice President and Mr. Rodjhun B. Navarro Resource Person
Photo by: Andrian Reekmans

MRB Night High School Program promotes 19 scholars

Total number of MRB Night High School graduates now 471 since 1998

Nineteen scholars have been promoted to the Senior High School level after completing the secondary education curriculum through the Mother Rita Barcelo (MRB) Night High School Program of La Consolacion College Bacolod. A completion rite was held on May 6, 2016 at the LCCB Auditorium.

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Class of 2016 with their teachers and school administrators after the 1st NHS Completion Rites.


Christine Herbolario, the class’ first honor said in her speech, that she’s very thankful that the program has afforded them the chance at an extraordinary education. Coming from poor economic background, Night High School students attend classes that start in the afternoon until 8:30 in the evening.

The program was established in 1994 to provide access to education to children who are unable to attend the regular high school schedule because of economic constraints. It is sustained by volunteer teachers and financial support from partners and alumni.

Many of its graduates have become successful professionals, some of whom have become teachers and have returned to volunteer in the program.

By Academic Year 2016-2015, the program will cater to even more students with a projected population of 160 from Grade 7 thru 10.

All of the completers will continue their LCCian education in the Senior High School, all qualified for the Voucher Program, which will take away 16,000 pesos from their tuition to be subsidized by the government. On top of that, LCC Bacolod will take 40% off from the remaining fee which lowers their matriculation to just 720 pesos monthly for the entire academic year.

NHS scholars during a Japanese language lesson from visiting students of Asia Pacific University.

The scholars who completed the Night High School Program

  1. Jovil Ray A. Beatingco
  2. Janiel A. Dela Cruz
  3. Victor T. de los Reyes Jr.
  4. Ace A. de los Santos
  5. Jasper B. Panunciano
  6. Mark Gregory G. Rebamonte
  7. Nelyn T. Aragon
  8. Shielamar S. Bengilo
  9. Krystal Mae E. Besa
  10. Stephanie Gail D. Detacamento
  11. Tegie E. Eguiso
  12. Christine Joy R. Herbolario (First Honor)
  13. April Joy V. Hermogino
  14. Jewelyn E. Macasiano
  15. April Rose B. Meraveles
  16. Tasha Dannise Morales
  17. AJ A. Morio
  18. Rayessa D. Rivera
  19. Keziah Faye B. Yanson