Excitement builds as opening of classes for Senior High School nears

Admission applications overwhelm

May 10, 2016 — Five weeks away from the opening of classes in the Senior High School level at La Consolacion College Bacolod, the pioneer batch of senior high students could hardly contain their excitement. Queries flood LCC Bacolod’s official Facebook page from incoming Grade 11 students mostly originating from other secondary schools while admissions continue to overwhelm with already more than 600 approved applications even before the month of May based on the data from the Office of the Registrar.

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“The numbers are quite overwhelming considering the fact that there are more schools offering Senior High School now, than there were Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) then”, says Rodjhun Navarro, head of the Office for Institutional Advancement and Linkages. He added that this trend is bigger compared to the number of applications for college during the same period last year.

Students who just completed grade 10 from the Integrated School will be joined by the others students coming from other schools in Grade 11. Applicants originate even from far places like San Carlos City and Hinobaan.

“Students are excited about the program. Contrary to the expectation that students would be disappointed because of the additional years in secondary school, they are actually eager to know what the new program will offer just as they are excited about the new academic environment”, Navarro added.

LCC Bacolod’s Senior High School curriculum is aligned with its existing baccalaureate offerings. The officially approved applications are mostly in the Academic, Arts and Design and Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) tracks. In the Academic Track, most students are enrolled in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and in the Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM).

In the TVL, students are into the Home Economics strand which will lead them to Hospitality or Tourism in the baccalaureate.LCC Bacolod is also building from the strong point of its programs in architecture, fine arts and interior design in its Arts and Design offering which is not a common track in other Senior High schools. Students who are enrolled in the program will gain basic skills in the use of traditional and computer-aided design and theoretical foundations on the arts, which will be an advantage to those who will pursue design related careers.

Navarro added, one of the advantages of studying in established Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) like LCC Bacolod is its experience in running specialized courses which will be a feature of the Senior High School curriculum. At LCCB, college teachers will be teaching in the Senior High level.

Groupings of students will be based on specializations and classes will be heterogeneous in composition. The labeling of sections carry LCCB’s Catholic tradition, which uses names of saints associated with certain vocations or professions to easily distinguish classifications.

Among the things that fuel the excitement of students is the new design of the uniform. LCC Bacolod’s school uniform for the Senior High School is designed to be usable in the industry immersion phase of the program. “It is professional looking” says Mr. Manuel Delumpa, Jr., the Senior High School Coordinator. “We want our students to be trained on how to don the business attire” to help them prepare for jobs even right after Grade 12. The uniforms, designed by alumnus and one of Bacolod’s renowned designers John John Ditching take their design queue from LCCB’s traditional wear, which use the same color scheme of white and navy blue. Scarves are for girls while boys will be using ties on their short-sleeved white polo-barong.


“Students are excited about their uniforms which is natural for teenagers. They are at the stage where they are really conscious about their looks.” says Rodjhun Navarro, head of the Office for Institutional Advancement and Linkages.


Dr. Randdie Cuelo, VP for Academic Affairs said that he is pleased with the positive turnout of the SHS admissions. He added that the college is now focused on making sure that the educational facilities are ready by the time classes open on June 13. The Senior High department will be occupying the fourth floor of the college building and some third floor classrooms at the Gatuslao Wing of the L-Shaped Building.

On June 2, 2016, there will be orientation for all new students while June 3 is slated for orientation of parents and guardians. Cuelo said that the orientation activity will introduce new students to the academic policies at LCC Bacolod and will give clarification on the many aspects of the Senior High School program.