Newly refurbished classrooms await Senior High students

Classrooms overlooking the buzzing city atmosphere of Bacolod’s downtown, at the top floor of the college building designed by the late Ar Perfecto Marzoña, are to be occupied by the pioneer Senior High School class of La Consolacion College Bacolod.  

The classrooms are now being refurbished to enhance the teaching-learning environment. “Just as we are expecting a group of vibrant SHS students starting this year, we are also recreating a livelier learning environment for them… classrooms fit for the GenZers of the 21st century” says Dr. Randdie Cuelo, VP for Academic Affairs.

These old seats will be replaced by new customized design before the opening of classes on June 13, 2016.
The college is expecting about 800-900 Grade 11 students with already about 600 students officially enrolled out of a thousand who applied for admission.  LCC has prepared for about 20 sections.

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Sr. Maria Garcia, OSA, administrative officer, said that the school has requested the production of customized desks made of plastic and aluminum, durable but light materials, easy to move and rearrange for the dynamic learning activities.

The Senior High School will have the advantage of sharing facilities with college students like laboratories and computers as there will be enough room left vacant because of a very small number of entering college freshmen brought about by the transition to the K to 12 educational system.