LCC Bacolod inaugurates school building at Montinola Site

Seventh graders of Hacienda Manaul in Talisay woke up early morning of June 16, 2016 to prepare for the flag ceremony that marked the first ever to be conducted in their new school.  It was the inauguration day of their new high school building at La Consolacion College Bacolod – Montinola Site.

A three-hectare portion of the sugarcane plantation was donated by the Montinola family to the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation (ASOLC) for the establishment of a school in the area. Although there is a nearby elementary school, high schools are far and everyday commute remains a challenge not only because of the cost for students’ allowances, but also for parents to closely monitor activities of their children during school days.


A school building with two classrooms and spaces for an office, clinic and library was initially set up by LCC Bacolod.  The school provided for transportation of volunteer teachers and during times when the learning activities would require use of laboratories, audio-visual technologies and computers.

LCC President Sr. Gavina F. Barrera, OSA, expressed her gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Antonio J. Montinola for “planting the seed of development”.  She said that LCC is committed to fulfill the mission of providing education for the people of the community.

Parents were present at the program which included an induction of parent-teacher association officers.  The first major project of the association will be an organic vegetable garden. LCC Bacolod in partnership with the Missionaries of Sacred Heart (MSC) will be training parents and students on Bokashi Fermentation which is being used in other community projects of the ASOLC.

Rev. Fr. Eusebio Berdon, OSA, Prior of the Colegio San Agustin Bacolod officiated the mass and the blessing ceremony. Administrators of LCC Bacolod and the faculty were present in the ceremony.