LCC prof named ‘Ulirang Guro sa Filipino’

Mrs. Edna D. Fregil, a Filipino teacher of La Consolacion College Bacolod is the “Ulirang Guro sa Filipino 2016” (Outstanding Teacher in Filipino) selected by the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino or the Commission on Filipino Language (KWF).  The announcement was released by the commission on July 19, 2016 in a letter sent by KWF president and national artist, Mr. Virgilio Almario.

Fregil, has been teaching in LCC Bacolod for the last 27 years.  She’s worked as the Coordinator for Discipline and currently, she is the Coordinator for the National Service Training Program.  She’s known among her peers as someone actively initiating activities and programs. Among them, the organization of the Kapisanan nang mga Manunudlo sa Filipino (KAMFIL), which has gained membership of many private and public school teachers in the province.

Dr. Ma. Mercedes Joson, VP for External Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education said that Fregil is also responsible for the selection of LCC Bacolod as the center for language and culture or Sentro ng Wika at Kultura (SWK). Joson is SWK’s director.

The KWF will award the certificate of recognition and the prestigious Medal of Honor through the SWK at the culminating of LCC’s Filipino language and Culture month celebration.




PAASCU elevates LCC’s accreditation status

Integrated School now  autonomous

The Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) announced on July 21, 2016, that it has elevated the accreditation status of LCC Bacolod Integrated School – High School grade programs to Level III, making LCC’s programs from K-10 now on PAASCU’s highest accreditation level.

Being on the Level III status, La Consolacion College Bacolod now has “full curricular autonomy, including the authority to innovate without need for prior approval” by the DepED Regional Office.

IS PAASCU Level 3.jpg


Such status has been granted by PAASCU after thorough examination and audit of LCC Bacolod’s educational programs and services, which involved classroom observations, individual and group interviews, ocular inspection of the physical facilities, verification of the self-survey findings and examination of exhibits and pertinent documents.

LCC President Sr. Gavina F. Barrera, OSA said that the positive review of PAASCU is an affirmation of the school’s unwavering commitment to uphold and improve its educational standards. She added that quality education has always been the legacy of La Consolacion College Bacolod since it was established as the first private Catholic Higher Education Institution in the province almost a hundred years ago.

Apart from PAASCU, LCC Bacolod also subscribes into voluntary accreditation by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) on the program level and on the institution-wide level, the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System by TUV Rheinland.

Excellent LCCB teachers, administrator honored

Dr. Margarita P. Infante, Dr. Aireen B. Gedorio, Mrs. Glody D. Castillon, and Mrs. Cecilia P. Del Rosario individually came up the stage of the school auditorium stunned as they were recognized as the first ever recipients of the In Loco Parentis Award  during the annual Personnel Institutional Assembly last June 1, 2016. The recognition was conferred to the four teachers for meriting the highest overall efficiency performance ratings for the academic year 2015-2016.

Castillo, Del Rosario, Gedorio and Infante: In Loco Parentis Award Hall of famers

The four teachers received the highest excellent and superior rating from among their peers in their respective categories: Infante for the administrator’s category, Gedorio for the full-time college teachers, Del Rosario for the full-time IS teachers, and Castillon for the part-time teachers across all academic levels.

“I almost cried realizing that from among my co-teachers, I was the one who wasn’t called out for the recognition,” timidly said Dr. Gedorio. I was a bit confident that I performed well this year and I can’t believe that my students, superiors, and peers rated me poor. I was just stunned that there was a surprise for the four of us at the end of the awarding ceremony,” said Gedorio who is newly appointed as Head of the school’s Tourism Program.

Veteran part-time teacher, Mrs. Castillon also got emotional when she received the certificate and token of recognition from Sr. President Gavina Barrera, OSA and Administrative Officer, Sr. Maria Garcia, OSA. “I couldn’t believe that my name was not called at first since I’d always been rated excellently every year. When the rationale of the award was explained by the VPAA while I was still seated, it appeared to me then that a special surprise was prepared for us, and that was the moment I already got emotional,” said Castillon.

Dr. Infante, formerly the coordinator of NSTP and the Institutional Environmental Advocacy Program (IEAP) and presently the dean of the School of Sciences, Liberal Arts and Teacher Education also had her own way of justifying why her name was not called at first. “I thought I didn’t deserve the recognition since it’s yet my first year as Dean and there are still a lot of things to do before I can be an outstanding administrator,” said Infante. “When my name was called I was surprised because it is really difficult to be an administrator and a classroom teacher at the same time,” she added. The honored dean is concurrently the school’s head of the Teacher Education Program (TEP) and a subject area chair for Social Sciences in her department.

Meanwhile, the soft-spoken IS teacher, Mrs. Pasco, was just so grateful for being given the highest recognition. “Like the other awardees, I am also thankful and surprised for the award. This is rather different from the previous recognition I received and I thank our Academic Affairs Office for recognizing us,” said Del Rosario.

The four awardees hold relatively long records of service with LCC Bacolod. Infante has served the institution for almost 30 years now while Gedorio and Del Rosario have served LCCB for almost 20 years already. Gedorio teaches undergraduate courses in the HM and Tourism programs, while Del Rosario teaches in the elementary. Both are proud alumnae of the institution.

Castillon, on the other hand, is a retired DepEd Education supervisor who opted to serve LCCB despite luring invitations from other colleges and universities. For more than 20 years now, her genial collaboration with past and present administrators and fellow teachers under the Teacher Education Program (TEP) has been vital in bringing several feats for the college. Recently, LCCB has produced a 9th placer in the teacher’s board exams given by the Professional Regulation Commission.

According to Dr. Randdie Cuelo, Vice President for Academic Affairs, it was just fitting that teachers should be recognized for their hard work, diligence and commitment to teaching and mentoring. “Teaching is not an easy job. It is a humanitarian work. Our teachers do things beyond the call of duty, and that is something which shouldn’t go unnoticed, we have to acknowledge our teachers,” said the VPAA who was among the roster of excellent teachers that day but inhibited himself from receiving the award.

Taken from the Latin phrase to mean ‘in the place of a parent’, In Loco Parentis Award honors the noble role teachers play in the process of transforming the lives of students. The recipients of the said recognition are determined by the Academic Affairs Office in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President for Personnel and Ancillary Support Services.

This year, Infante, Gedorio, Castillon and Del Rosario are the first set of honorees to be inducted into the In Loco Parentis Award Hall of Fame.

In Loco Parentis 1.jpg

Annual Conference of Philanthropic Organizations Honors LCC Bacolod

Philanthropic Development Office introduced

Cebu City — La Consolacion College Bacolod received an honor from Spring Rain Global Consultancy Inc., organizer of the 3rd Annual Philanthropic Conference held at Cebu Grand Hotel on July 8-9, 2016.  Glenda Miro-Antonio, President and CEO, introduced LCC Bacolod as  now among the 30 organizations in the Philippines that has established a Philanthropic Development program and in so doing, signifies the institution’s commitment to promote responsible and accountable management and stewardship of resources to benefit the lives of many and create a positive impact in the community through advocacies that promote sustainability.

Sr. Gavina F. Barrera, OSA, president, received the award along with other members of the delegation from LCC Bacolod.  Among them, PDO Deputy Director Sr. Maria Garcia, OSA; and other school administrators namely: Dr. Randdie Cuelo VP for Academic Affairs and coordinator for the advocacy on Instruction and Curriculum; Dr. Ditas Joson VP for External Affairs Centennial Legacy Projects also the coordinator for Events & Marketing; Dr. Carmen Menes, Research & Data Base Development coordinator;  Dr. Walter Peter Arcenas, coordinator of the advocacy on Scholarships; and Mr. Rodjhun Navarro coordinator for Marketing and Communications.

LCC Bacolod delegates to the 2016 Philanthropic Development Conference in Cebu City. from left to right: Dr. Walter Peter Arcenas; Sr. Maria Garcia, OSA; Mr. Rodjhun Navarro; Dr. Randdie Cuelo; Sr. Gavina Barrera, OSA; Dr. Ma. Mercedes Joson; and Dr. Carmen Menes
Sr. Gavina said that LCC Bacolod has identified more than 12 advocacies after the rigorous training and continuing learning sessions with Spring Rain Global. She added that a  system will be gradually put in place to encourage continuing support to LCC’s development programs, most especially that the institution will be celebrating its centenary in just about three years. On September 4, 2016, LCC Bacolod will be launching its Philanthropic Development Office.

The annual conference highlighted talks by corporate executives including one of LCC’s alumni, former Cebu Lions Club District Governor, Mr. Manuel Piamonte Jr., whose talk was on “Spirituality and Stewardship in Philanthropy and Fundraising”.
Among the other speakers were Mr. Alfred Li, CEO of Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines and Mr. Philip N. Tan, President and CEO of Wellmade Motors Industrial.

LCC Bacolod PDO delegates with one of the speakers who happened to be an alumnus, Mr. Manuel Piamonte Jr. (5th from left)

LCCian to play in an exhibition match with South Korea stars

Friendship game organized for the visiting Korean celebs

Filipinos have so much to love about the Korean culture from the Koreanovelas that once dominated the national primetime on TV,  to the K-Pop music that have gained a huge fanbase among teenagers, and not to mention, the Korean restaurants mushrooming allover the country.  And if there’s one thing the Koeans and Filipinos, share in common, it’s the love for basketball. In fact, the Philippine-South Korea match has always been a game to watch since 1985 Asian games — two of the strongest Basketball teams in Asia.

What an excitement it must be for a college basketball rookie to duke it out in the hard court with a foreign team that is composed of actors, singers and media personalities from the “land of the morning calm”.

Armand Kyle Guevarra, of LCC Bacolod’s Blue Panthers, will be among the Philippine contingent composed of collegiate basketball veterans and some new players. Shin Young E & C basketball team, coached by Il Du Kim, comprised of Korean actors like Doo Yeon Cho, Jung Won Choi,South Korean models Hyung Joon Kim, Jong Gun Eun and many more will face the Negros Occidental Basketball team coached by Jerome Alderon.


The game was organized by Korean production company, Match Box and Bacolod-based producer Ashley with Louie and Thea Kilayko. It will be held at the USLS Coliseum on June 10, 2016 at 2pm.

The match will not only be a chance to promote the show of the Korean stars, but will also be an opportunity to expose local talent in the international scene, says LCC Blue Panthers Team Manager, Ar Armando Guevarra.  It will be the perfect time to show the revival of once formidable LCC Blue panthers. Indeed, Guevarra’s inclusion in the Philippine team will banner a new era for LCCian basketball.

Contributor: Benedict Moraña

25 alumni successful in June 2016 Architects Licensure Examination

The Professional Regulations Commission announced on June 29, 2016 the results of the architecture board examination held last June 24 and 26, 2016. Twenty five graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Architecture program of La Consolacion College Bacolod successfully passed the examinations. They are:

ALE June 2016.jpg

  • Albino, Emmie Lucille Tan
  • Alegada, Patricia Marie Dominguez
  • Amechachurra, Ela Joy Tenero
  • Batiduan, Shannon Mojal
  • Coronado, Zander John Selga
  • Corral, Anthony Frederick Montelibano
  • Diaz, Bryan Jay Padel
  • Distrito, Roselyn Santa Ana
  • Ferrer, Dorothy Anne Godilano
  • Fuentebella, Maricon Saturnino
  • Gapulan, Adrian Clouie Castillones
  • Garinganao, Justine Games Villegas
  • Gonzales, Louie Jay Celo
  • Hisugan, Ryan de la Torre
  • Ledesma, Francis Joebeth Naranjo
  • Leong, Leonileda Lao
  • Mangente, Girard Kenneth Barroquillo
  • Matulac, Ericson Deseo
  • Moraca, Glen Tanguan
  • Panaligan, Ketopher Orocio
  • Ramos, Rayzel Marie Yogore
  • Suguitan, Ericka Lopez
  • Ticar, Darlene Joy Hurna
  • Trio, John Dancy Mirasol
  • Valdeviezo, Francis Cainglet
Last January 2016, 13 from LCC Bacolod were also successful in the said board examination.
All new architects from LCC School of Architecture, Fine Arts and Interior Design will be invited to the 2017 Commencement Exercises on March 25 at SMX Convention Center to receive a Plaque of Recognition.