LCCian to play in an exhibition match with South Korea stars

Friendship game organized for the visiting Korean celebs

Filipinos have so much to love about the Korean culture from the Koreanovelas that once dominated the national primetime on TV,  to the K-Pop music that have gained a huge fanbase among teenagers, and not to mention, the Korean restaurants mushrooming allover the country.  And if there’s one thing the Koeans and Filipinos, share in common, it’s the love for basketball. In fact, the Philippine-South Korea match has always been a game to watch since 1985 Asian games — two of the strongest Basketball teams in Asia.

What an excitement it must be for a college basketball rookie to duke it out in the hard court with a foreign team that is composed of actors, singers and media personalities from the “land of the morning calm”.

Armand Kyle Guevarra, of LCC Bacolod’s Blue Panthers, will be among the Philippine contingent composed of collegiate basketball veterans and some new players. Shin Young E & C basketball team, coached by Il Du Kim, comprised of Korean actors like Doo Yeon Cho, Jung Won Choi,South Korean models Hyung Joon Kim, Jong Gun Eun and many more will face the Negros Occidental Basketball team coached by Jerome Alderon.


The game was organized by Korean production company, Match Box and Bacolod-based producer Ashley with Louie and Thea Kilayko. It will be held at the USLS Coliseum on June 10, 2016 at 2pm.

The match will not only be a chance to promote the show of the Korean stars, but will also be an opportunity to expose local talent in the international scene, says LCC Blue Panthers Team Manager, Ar Armando Guevarra.  It will be the perfect time to show the revival of once formidable LCC Blue panthers. Indeed, Guevarra’s inclusion in the Philippine team will banner a new era for LCCian basketball.

Contributor: Benedict Moraña