Excellent LCCB teachers, administrator honored

Dr. Margarita P. Infante, Dr. Aireen B. Gedorio, Mrs. Glody D. Castillon, and Mrs. Cecilia P. Del Rosario individually came up the stage of the school auditorium stunned as they were recognized as the first ever recipients of the In Loco Parentis Award  during the annual Personnel Institutional Assembly last June 1, 2016. The recognition was conferred to the four teachers for meriting the highest overall efficiency performance ratings for the academic year 2015-2016.

Castillo, Del Rosario, Gedorio and Infante: In Loco Parentis Award Hall of famers

The four teachers received the highest excellent and superior rating from among their peers in their respective categories: Infante for the administrator’s category, Gedorio for the full-time college teachers, Del Rosario for the full-time IS teachers, and Castillon for the part-time teachers across all academic levels.

“I almost cried realizing that from among my co-teachers, I was the one who wasn’t called out for the recognition,” timidly said Dr. Gedorio. I was a bit confident that I performed well this year and I can’t believe that my students, superiors, and peers rated me poor. I was just stunned that there was a surprise for the four of us at the end of the awarding ceremony,” said Gedorio who is newly appointed as Head of the school’s Tourism Program.

Veteran part-time teacher, Mrs. Castillon also got emotional when she received the certificate and token of recognition from Sr. President Gavina Barrera, OSA and Administrative Officer, Sr. Maria Garcia, OSA. “I couldn’t believe that my name was not called at first since I’d always been rated excellently every year. When the rationale of the award was explained by the VPAA while I was still seated, it appeared to me then that a special surprise was prepared for us, and that was the moment I already got emotional,” said Castillon.

Dr. Infante, formerly the coordinator of NSTP and the Institutional Environmental Advocacy Program (IEAP) and presently the dean of the School of Sciences, Liberal Arts and Teacher Education also had her own way of justifying why her name was not called at first. “I thought I didn’t deserve the recognition since it’s yet my first year as Dean and there are still a lot of things to do before I can be an outstanding administrator,” said Infante. “When my name was called I was surprised because it is really difficult to be an administrator and a classroom teacher at the same time,” she added. The honored dean is concurrently the school’s head of the Teacher Education Program (TEP) and a subject area chair for Social Sciences in her department.

Meanwhile, the soft-spoken IS teacher, Mrs. Pasco, was just so grateful for being given the highest recognition. “Like the other awardees, I am also thankful and surprised for the award. This is rather different from the previous recognition I received and I thank our Academic Affairs Office for recognizing us,” said Del Rosario.

The four awardees hold relatively long records of service with LCC Bacolod. Infante has served the institution for almost 30 years now while Gedorio and Del Rosario have served LCCB for almost 20 years already. Gedorio teaches undergraduate courses in the HM and Tourism programs, while Del Rosario teaches in the elementary. Both are proud alumnae of the institution.

Castillon, on the other hand, is a retired DepEd Education supervisor who opted to serve LCCB despite luring invitations from other colleges and universities. For more than 20 years now, her genial collaboration with past and present administrators and fellow teachers under the Teacher Education Program (TEP) has been vital in bringing several feats for the college. Recently, LCCB has produced a 9th placer in the teacher’s board exams given by the Professional Regulation Commission.

According to Dr. Randdie Cuelo, Vice President for Academic Affairs, it was just fitting that teachers should be recognized for their hard work, diligence and commitment to teaching and mentoring. “Teaching is not an easy job. It is a humanitarian work. Our teachers do things beyond the call of duty, and that is something which shouldn’t go unnoticed, we have to acknowledge our teachers,” said the VPAA who was among the roster of excellent teachers that day but inhibited himself from receiving the award.

Taken from the Latin phrase to mean ‘in the place of a parent’, In Loco Parentis Award honors the noble role teachers play in the process of transforming the lives of students. The recipients of the said recognition are determined by the Academic Affairs Office in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President for Personnel and Ancillary Support Services.

This year, Infante, Gedorio, Castillon and Del Rosario are the first set of honorees to be inducted into the In Loco Parentis Award Hall of Fame.

In Loco Parentis 1.jpg


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