Various events culminate first half of the year

Culminating activities marked a lively finale to the academic life of students as they prepare for a brief mid-year break. From the main campus to Villasor, from classrooms to laboratories, from the auditorium to the quadrangle, La Consolacion College Bacolod is abuzz with each class having their own way of climaxing the first semester.

Dr. Randdie P. Cuelo, VP for Academic Affairs commended the faculty who went out of their way to motivate students to come up with outputs that celebrate their achievements in their courses. He added that the culminating activities gave more opportunities for students to participate in competitions, performances or exhibit the products of learning thereby adding more dimensions to the learning experience as making it much more fun and engaging for the students.

The General Education courses held a celebration dubbed as the “GENOLYMPICS 2016” beginning September 28 to 30. It featured various events that captured the theme “Witnessing Excellence and Diversity in General Education”. There was an exhibit from the social and natural sciences, mathematics and computer courses. There were story-telling and mythological character monologues by the students in languages and literature while the speech classes held a Speech Festival where students competed in spoken-word poetry, ABC Improvisation and character interpretation performances. Similar events were organized by the Senior High School Oral Communication classes from the ABM and HUMSS strands.

The last day of the week-long celebration saw the biggest number of events and participation. Students packed the auditorium to witness the Gen Ed Academic Bowl, verse choir contest and competitions in pop dance and jukebox singing that featured Original Filipino Music (OPM) composed and popularized by Filipino artists of the 80’s. The faculty was not remised in the celebration. Their parody of Filipino pop entertainment stars drew the loudest cheers from their un-expecting audience.

One of the highlights was the Mr. and Ms Genolympics, a pageant search for students that manifest the competencies promoted in the General Education. Unlike the usual beauty pageants, the Genolympics’ had a category that challenged the students in the design of costumes using recycled materials, the candidates’ grace in donning them and their wit in presenting their advocacies.

On the same day, the Bachelor of Science in Tourism program hosted the “Parade of Nations” which featured traditional attires from different countries around the world. The event coincides with the celebration of the United Nations’ month. Events Management students have put together the whole show while the World Tourism class took part in the styling and modeling of traditional wears to their own interpretation.

“I am very proud of what the students have accomplished. Through the event, they have shown their capability to organize and stage a show. Those who took part in ramp modeling, many of them have done only for the first time, showed confidence which is very important in the people industry,” Mrs. Aireen Gedorio, the BSTM Program Head said.

Nichole Vasquez, one of the students who organized the event said that their hardships have paid off with the successful turnout of audience and participants , “dealing with people from motivating all participants to come-up with a show the audience will like, to coaching them on style and presentation, to dealing with providers for all the event needs was not an all-too-easy task but surely, we have proven something about ourselves that enhanced our confidence to face the real world”.

Meanwhile, the Center for Augustinian Formation in cooperation with the Diocese of Bacolod celebrated the Feast of the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary through a Living Rosary at the Bacolod Public Plaza on October 7, 2016. The religious event was attended by representatives from the students, faculty, parents and alumni with the special participation of the VMA Global College.

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SSG officers receive leadership skills training

Student leaders ready for school opening

A leadership training was conducted for the college student leaders on May 6-7, 2016 at the Nature’s Village Resort in Talisay City. It was attended by the newly elected officers in the executive and legislative levels as well as the departmental executive officers that comprise the Supreme Student Government (SSG). The focus was on decision making, servant-leadership and organizational development. The Office of the Director for Student Affairs organized the training event.

Claire Algarme, one of the resource persons, engages the participant on ‘Decision making’

Director Nenette Padilla said that most of the newly elected officers are new to the SSG. “The training was very essential to prepare them to the tasks ahead. They are young and very dynamic. Their enthusiasm brings a breath of fresh air. I am excited of what they can bring on the table.” she said.

The participants were able to clarify their roles and responsibilities. Committees were created with each of the members of the legislative body appointed as focal persons for the events and activities they have identified for the first semester. Ginalyne Vizon, SSG President and just on her second year in the SSG, said that there will be volunteers from various programs to help the officers. She added that they would like to introduce new events in the program both in the departmental level and college-wide. Initially, the officers agreed to help in the facilitation of admissions. She added that this will make SSG officers more visible to the student body.

Rodjhun Navarro trains student leaders on facilitation while planning activities for AY 2016-2017

An Information Desk will be put up by the SSG at the entrance of the college building to assist students especially those who are entering college and the transfer students to make them feel welcomed. SSG Officers and volunteer students will man the desk throughout the admission period.

Vizon also announced her plan to propose an SSG Information Bulletin at the college entrance which will contain all the activities for the whole semester. She said that one of the priorities of the SSG is to get the maximum participation of students into the student activities and co-curricular programs of the college.

One of the major outputs of the training was the plan of activities for the whole first semester which will be presented to the academic council for approval. Vizon said that having planned the student activities and events in the departmental level and college-wide ahead of the opening of classes in June is a big step of improvement. She recalled that last academic year, there were many good activities and programs but the schedules were often conflicting so the audience and participants were divided. The SSG officers are determined to improve on that area so their aim is to plot the schedules on the institutional calendar so that it’s easy to spot conflicting schedules.

At the end of the training, the students were more confident and excited of the coming academic year. The overnight program also gave the student leaders the opportunity to bond and establish camaraderie. Many of them have only been newly introduced to each other.

Miss Claire Algarme, Dr. Randdie Noi Cuelo and Mr. Rodjhun Navarro were the resource persons and facilitators. All of them are LCC’s alumni and student leaders during their years at the college.

VPAA Randdie Cuelo talks about servant-leadership

Sr. Maria Garcia, OSA, the Academic Administrative Officer stayed throughout the course of the training. At the end of the program, she congratulated the students and assured them of the administration’s support for the students.

L-R: Sr. Maria A. Garcia, OSA Academic Administrative Officer, Dr. Nenette D. Padilla Director for Student Affairs, Christine Gargar SSG Vice President and Mr. Rodjhun B. Navarro Resource Person
Photo by: Andrian Reekmans