Alumna completes DBP Management Associates Program with flying colors

A graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Business Management, Abegail Olandria-Ong, ranked first among the 31 graduates of the Management Associates Program (MAP) of the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP). Ong at age 31, will assume junior officer position in DBP.

Ong did not expect to top a batch of competent young professionals coming from the country’s leading universities like the University of the Philippines, De La Salle University, University of Sto. Tomas and Mapua Institute of Technology. Participants in the MAP are in the 25-35 age brackets.  Some of them are licensed accountants, engineers and graduates of business, economics, finance, mathematics and other related fields.  Most of the applicants, according to Ong, were the top of their class in college with about 95% of them being recipients of “Latin honors”. Ong herself finished Cum Laude at LCC Bacolod in 2006.

Abegail (third from left) was an active student leader in her college years at LCC Bacolod. She served as governor of the School of Business and Information Technology and president of the internationally-affiliated organization, the Students in Free Enterprise

MAP is DBP’s award-winning training and selection program for bank executives. In 2008, it was cited as the Most Outstanding Human Resource Development Project by the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific according to a press release published by the Philippine Information Agency. DBP also said that the program has received numerous other citations from the People Management Association of the Philippines and the Civil Service Commission.

More than 1,700 from DBP’s bank personnel and external aspirants all over the Philippines applied for the most recent MAP but only 31 were selected to undergo the rigorous training program that included nine modules, 61 subjects, more than 100 presentations and more than 4,000 examinations. The program ran for a year but trainees received allowances throughout its duration.

Professors varied from the highest executives of the bank and invited lecturers from the University of the Philippines and the University of Asia and the Pacific.  Others are experts consulting big corporations.

The program is designed to prepare individuals for leadership roles in the bank.  MAP combines the development of technical, behavioral and supervisory competencies through diverse learning approaches in the real-world context, the press release said. Students went through intensive and compact training that included board presentations, loan-packaging, RLE writing (Related Learning Experiences) apart from traditional quizzes and paper examinations.

Donna Shotwell, First Senior Vice President and Head of the Human Resource Management Group, said that the ninth batch of students, Ong’s group, exhibited superb critical thinking and strategic planning skills. Ong in her speech during the graduation at Bulwagan Ng Diwang Pilipino, DBP Main Office in Makati on September 23, 2016, noted that her class is the first with 100% of the students successfully completed in MAP’s nine-year history.

In her graduation speech, Abegail recalled the grueling training days and the time when they almost gave up, but she said she is very proud because their batch is the only in MAP’s history to have completed the program altogether, not having anyone left behind.

DBP said that as a program for future bank officers, the MAP selection process is highly competitive. Through the program, DBP is able to create new and young corps of bank officers with the competence, zeal, enthusiasm and ideals which they will bring with them as they step out to their areas of assignment. MAP graduates will be deployed as junior officers to the DBP head office, branch marketing units, and credit and support departments.

After completing her baccalaureate degree at LCC Bacolod, Ong worked for Mainstream Business Inc. where she served as Training Supervisor for two years. She then joined DBP Bacolod where she is employed for seven years now.  In 2015, she applied for the MAP which makes her the third person to have been qualified from Bacolod City since the program began in 2004.

During her years at LCC, Ong was actively involved in co-curricular activities.  She was a student leader and an academic scholar. Roland Garcia, a former faculty at LCC Bacolod who is close to Ong said that, she originally hailed from Cebu but moved to Bacolod with her sister who worked in the city. Garcia added that Ong did not receive much financial assistance from her sister while in Bacolod so she really struggled her way through college — “despite the odds, she was determined and finished Cum Laude”, he added.

Ong believes that anyone has the capability to reach their dreams, but to make dreams happen, perseverance and confidence are necessary — “dreams will remain dreams if you will allow your thoughts to remain thoughts” she added.


LCC Bacolod opens a new site in Talisay City

The new campus sits close to Metro Bacolod’s sprawling residential area

Talisay, Negros Occidental — On a three-hectare property donated by the Montinola family in Hacienda Manaul, La Consolacion College Bacolod expands to offer secondary education for the children of sugarcane farmers and later, to serve the rapidly growing residential communities at the borders of Bacolod and Talisay cities.

June 13, 2016 marks the opening of classes for 17 Grade 7 students, the pioneering class of the school. The Mother Rita Barceló (MRB) Center, LCC Bacolod’s community outreach arm, runs the program supported by LCC Bacolod’s volunteer teachers from its Integrated School and teacher education alumni.

Montinola Campus
The new site is located in hacienda Manaul at the border of Bacolod and Talisay cities.  Near the site are high end subdivisions developed by Ayala and Megaworld.

The class is an extension of LCC’s MRB Night High School program which affords quality private education to the economically disadvantaged yet deserving students. Classes however are held on day time as night classes may be precarious for the students living in the hacienda.

The program is subsidized by LCC Bacolod with a minimal counterpart from the parents ranging from 500 to 800 pesos monthly depending on assessment of the economic profile of the family.


The pioneer class of LCC Bacolod – Montinola Campus with Mrs. Cheryl Serra (first from left) MRB Night High School Coordinator and Mr. Rodjhun Navarro, head of LCC’s Office for Institutional Advancement and Linkages (center)

The program meets the requirements of the Department of Education with a few more additions as the offering of electives courses. The program delivers a more specialized training on specific disciplines that maybe within the general coverage of a course in the secondary education curriculum, but at the same time, provides some flexibility and allows students to change the direction they wish to take with their education. A student who takes an elective class in drafting, for example, might discover a love of design and engineering that leads to a career he or she might not otherwise have found.

LCC Bacolod also plans to introduce organic agriculture to the students and their parents to take advantage of the wide agricultural land area, in the meantime while the campus is gradually developed. As of the moment, the school has only one school building with three classrooms. Students however are provided with private transportation on certain days in a week for classes like Computer and Physical Education which will be done at LCC’s main campus in Bacolod City.

On June 16, 2016, the school building will be inaugurated and the pioneer Parents-Teachers Association officers will be inducted.

Montinola Blessing Invitation